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Severus Snape Society
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Qualifications to join the Society:


Unfortunately, the Society requires a few prerequisites:
1.  You must be fully devoted to the sexy, sensual, seductive, potions master: Severus Snape.
2.  You must be willing to recieve the weekly newsletter.
3.  You must be a Harry Potter fan, although you don't have to like harry potter himself, just the books and the movies.
4.  You must have read the Harry Potter books.
5.  You must adore the dark arts and the Slytherin house.
If you would like to join the Society, and you are fully qualified, e-owl me at  I look forward to eventually having many members in this society, so if you are qualified, don't hesitate to join!
Member Name: Seraphina Snape
Name: Bailey Irving
Age: 14
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Member Name: Boalea
Name: Lexa Moceau
Age: 12
Location: Florida, USA

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